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Interaction with Nepal Inter-modal Transport Development Board

Interaction with the Executive Director of Nepal Inter-modal Transport Development Board

NICCI' brief Interactive session with Mr. Ashish Gajurel, Executive Director, Nepal Inter-modal Transport Development Board was held today, 1st August 2021 at NICCI Secretariat and discussed:

  • the provision made by recently amended railway agreement between Nepal and India
  • possibilities of opportunities for Nepalese rail operators for their services in Nepal and  India, issues related to logistics, transit, transhipment
  • facilities to be added in ICDs
  • air and upcoming waterways cargo also to be covered within existing Board converting the body into Authority structure thereby making it a autonomous regulatory body of transport sector of cargo and consignments by air, rail, road and waterways
  • facility of warehousing while transporting through rail
  • policies to be made with new global concept of logistic park and semi-logistic park
  • priority for the Nepalese entrepreneurs having experience of handling cargos and consignment of Nepal's international trade for the last 25-30 years while tendering for upcoming projects on ICD and related infrastructures
  • necessary laws and rules to be introduced in the field of transport and transit sector
  • review the existing unrealistic compensation of Rs. 50/- per kg if any consignment lost in transit
  • attention on rake, bulk rake, liquid cargo in rail transport and ICDs
  • Dhamra and Mundra port of India to consider to be linked with Nepal's nearest destinations
  • Provision for the Indian Railways also to be registered in Nepal and concept of charging fees while entering in Nepalese port etc

Reciprocating the views raised in the discussion, Mr. Gajurel said the completion and smooth running of the Chovar dryport, start the construction of Dodhara Chandani dryport of western Nepal, and conversation of the structure of Intermodal transport aboard into Authority model as his major priorities with due attention and effort on the issues raised in the interaction. Out of the prioritized, he said the first one is almost fulfilled and remaining two are also progressing. He also thanked NICCI for organising very productive and interactive session.

He was also presented the details of the issues and suggestions in the field of trade, transit, logistics, railway, banking and insurance service in bilateral and third country trade, infrastructures in border area to be improved, harmonization of Nepali and Indian Customs code and harmonization of customs automation systems of Nepal and India, viz ASYCUDA of Nepal and ICEGATE of India etc. NICCI had prepared the details of issues and suggestions in consultation with the apex chambers and border area district chambers.

Initiating the program, Mr. Sunil KC, Vice President welcomed Mr. Gajurel at NICCI Secretariat and briefed the purpose of the session. Mr. R.B. Rauniar, Secretary General and Convener of the Trade and Transit Committee briefed on NICCI and existing issues and developments on transit, railways, ICDs, and related issues wherein Mr. Rajan Sharma, Past President, of NEFFA, Mr. Prakash Singh Karki, Chairperson, road and transport committee at FNCCI and Mr. Naresh Agrawal, Sr. Vice President of NEFFA added their view as mentioned above.